Update for Cambridge schools on 2022 exams - 18 February 2022

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Update for Cambridge schools on 2022 exams - 18 February 2022

In this update you can find the latest information about the June 2022 exam series.

Most schools expect exams to go ahead as planned. To help you prepare, we have included reminders about some of the services available to you. In cases where government directives mean that exams can’t go ahead, we will ask schools to switch to our contingency route using portfolios of candidate evidence. You can find new information about this route. We have also included an update on our standards for the June 2022 series.

We know that circumstances can change very quickly. We recommend that schools have a portfolio in place for their students, in electronic form, by the start of the exam series - even if they feel confident that exams will go ahead.

June 2022: Where exams can go ahead

Component adjustments, exemptions and special consideration

To help your students receive their grades, we offer a range of options for schools in the June 2022 series. We have told you about this in our previous updates, but we want to make sure you know where to find our latest guidance – and how your school can apply.

You can find guidance on component exemptions, adjustments, and special consideration on the June 2022 section of our website

Component exemptions mean that candidates can still receive an overall syllabus grade, even if they can’t take a component they are entered for.

Find out how component exemptions work, which components they are available for, and how you can apply.

Component adjustments allow candidates to take a component in a way that is easier to manage (they produce a reduced amount of work for that component).

Find out what adjustments are available and how to apply

Special consideration means that candidates who unexpectedly miss some components can receive a grade if they have taken at least one eligible component in the series.

Find out which components are eligible and how to apply

June 2022: If exams can’t take place (portfolio of evidence)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guidance for Collecting a portfolio of evidence for the June 2022 series answers a lot of schools’ questions about gathering students’ work.

To help you further, we have added FAQs about our portfolio of evidence route to our website. This includes answers to questions schools have asked in recent webinars and through our customer service team.

As the June 2022 series draws closer, we know some schools would like to know the latest point at which schools can be switched to the portfolio of evidence route, and we are working to clarify our timeframes for switching. We will share these with you as soon as we can.

We will be adding to our FAQ page as new questions come in, so please check back for the latest advice.

Example Rationale Documents NEW

To help you understand what to include in the portfolio of evidence Rationale Document and the level of detail needed for our examiners to understand the work, we have produced example completed Rationale Documents, which you can find on our portfolio of evidence pages.

When to submit portfolios of evidence: deadline timetable generator for portfolio submission NEW

To plan submission of student work and the accompanying Rationale Documents, you can use our new portfolio of evidence deadline timetable generator that shows the submission deadline for each syllabus in which you are making entries.

Portfolio of evidence regulations supplement NEW

We have produced a special consideration and malpractice regulations supplement for schools who are following the portfolio of evidence route. You must use this together with the Cambridge Handbook 2022.

Join our next webinar on 30 March 2022

We will talk through these updates and the June 2022 series in general at the next Exams Officer webinar. You will also have chance to ask us questions. You can register now using the links below:

June 2022 standards

Some schools have asked us to clarify our approach to standards in 2022. We will align the standard of our qualifications to the standard of similar qualifications in England. For Cambridge International qualifications, this means we will aim for our exam standard to return to the pre-pandemic standard in June 2023. For June 2022, November 2022 and March 2023, we will set standards at a midpoint between 2019 and 2021.

This means our June 2022 grades will be generous compared to our June 2019 grades, and less generous than our June 2021 grades.

Here is a factsheet to help you explain June 2022 standards to parents and students.

Stay in touch

View our latest updates on our Covid-19 information pages.

If you have any questions, you can review our frequently asked questions or contact us via the Help website.

For British Council Partner Schools or Cambridge Associate schools, please contact your local British Council representative or Cambridge Associate.

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