Open Door English is a lively, carefully-graded course for children in English-medium schools. It opens a door to the skills and attitudes necessary for life in the 21st century.

Reading skills

  • Each teaching unit begins with a stimulating reading text in a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry genres
  • Examples of target vocabulary, and grammar are contextualized in the reading texts

Language skills

  • Related spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation exercises are progressively graded
  • ‘Wise owl’ boxes teach the rules in simple, child-friendly language

Communication skills

  • Related speaking, and listening tasks ensure that children can communicate effectively through English
  • The audio-recording on My E-Mate provides a correct model of pronunciation for all texts, spellings, and listening tasks

Writing skills

  • All the learning of a unit comes together in the composition task, which supports individual expression with clear writing frames

Life skills

  • Every unit fosters curiosity, critical thinking, responsibility, co-operation, and creativity


  • Every fifth unit revises all the skills taught in the previous four units

Components for each level

  • Textbook with reading texts, language, and composition work
  • Workbook with handwriting and consolidation of the Textbook
  • Teaching Guide including photo-copiable revision tests
  • My E-Mate audio-recordings to be used in class and at home
  • My E-Mate interactive exercises for online practice

Open Door English Book 1 with My E-Mate

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Open Door English Book 1 with My E-Mate


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