Written to meet the requirements of the Cambridge O Level syllabus 2059/1 and also complying with the specifications of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus 0448/1, Pakistan: History, Culture, and Government updated edition is an in-depth study of a nation which emerged after years of struggle, survived in the face of many difficulties, and has succeeded as an independent state. Since Independence and Partition, Pakistan has faced constant threats from outside its borders and serious political differences within. Students will find this book a fascinating history of an important and complex nation. Thought-provoking source material is included, together with many examples of exam-style questions. The roles of many of the people described in the book are often inspiring. We have to live with history, says the author, and it is best if we understand it.

Distinctive features of the book include:

  • A fresh and thoughtful approach to history
  • Clarity in the explanation of complex events
  • Key Questions at the start of each section that highlight its objectives and main topics
  • Points to Remember at the end of each section that summarize the main points and help reinforce learning and knowledge
  • Important dates’ section which ensures that students understand the order of events
  • Margin notes which include definitions and interesting additional facts
  • A large number of exam-style questions together with other opportunities for research and further study
  • Attractive, student-friendly layout and presentation
  • Relevant colour photographs, maps, and diagrams to complement the text
  • The book is easy to use for revision purposes

The Teaching Guide provides further support including additional suggestions and sources for effective teaching.

Cambridge IGCSE/O-Level Pakistan Studies (0448/2059) History, Culture and Goverenment Reference Book

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Cambridge IGCSE/O-Level Pakistan Studies (0448/2059) History, Culture and Goverenment Reference Book


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